Stop Pointing Fingers and Fix The Economy

If you’re already rich and privileged, you can get $200,000 for voluntarily quitting your cushy job for another more cushy job that pays you more money.

But if you are down and out, unemployed and have children to feed, the state will cut off your only meager income.  Of course, when your shady dealings are found out, you take the high road and return the quitting bonus.

Interesting is the idea that severe deficits in the government’s budget can only be closed off by ending assistance to the poor.  The same woman who said she is getting “paid what she is worth” about the quitting bonus is attempting to force a 20% pay cut for people who make between $8 and $15 per hour.  Republicans in both local and federal jobs seem to believe that America can only become great again if the poor would get jobs.

Well, let’s look at that.  First, the auto industry began massive layoffs and “buyouts” to reduce their deficits.  This caused many industry dependent businesses and suppliers to also have to layoff staff.  Next the housing industry took a dive because these formerly middle class citizens could not pay their bills.  Houses went into foreclosure by the tens of thousands leaving banks about to go belly-up.

So, the federal government steps in and rescues the banks while the people yell “yeah”.  Then they step in to rescue the auto companies and the people yell “nay”.  Please note that the decisions that led the company policies and created their profits or losses were made by those making over $500,000 per year.  Not exactly poverty stricken.  None of the middle class workers being laid off were decision makers.

Now that these industries have been rescued, the auto companies are slowly hiring again, albeit at lesser wages but the banks are increasing fees to customers and refusing loans to the small businesses who need funds to hire or expand.  Hmmm, it seems that the rich take the money and run and the “kick em while they’re down” actually put their money where their community is.

Further, people at the bottom of the economic ladder spend more regularly because they do not have resources to stock up on goods.  Their clothes and shoes are of lesser quality and must be replaced more frequently.  These are rampant consumers and keep the economy flowing.  If they have no job to go to they don’t buy gas or fast food for lunch.  They don’t buy mid-range work clothing as they just wear jeans or sweats until they wear out.  And they don’t buy new computers, cell phones and other electronics because they don’t have the money.

Only decent paying employment will pull America and the globe out of the pit we have dug.  If companies do not hire, they cannot complain that they have no customers.  By choking off the incomes of the already poor, this country guarantees continuous recessions.

Again I say, make your own job.

A New Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a magical place called America, I worked the corporate treadmill and had a good middle-class life and lifestyle.  I had good neighbors who also lived the good middle-class life.  Then came revelations that all was not as wonderful as believed in the kingdom.  The kings had sold much of the land and resources to outsiders and made backroom deals with them to keep the populace ignorant.

When leaks began to happen and the people were restless, they were distracted with games, movies, scandals and other treats.  This kept the people focused on nonsense and prevented them from seeing the trouble coming.

Difficult times began and jobs were few and far between even for the highly skilled and educated.  People began to shout for “change” and were rewarded with the coming of the prince.  The prince promised change but cautioned it would be difficult and that all would need to sacrifice together to make the kingdom great again.

The people cheered the prince and promised their support until the first cuts began.  There was no magic wand to make everything as it was so they started to grumble.  The people put in advisors who would force the prince’s hand.  But the advisors turned on the people and made it worse, they wanted only to protect the high lords of the land and wanted the workers and peasants to drop dead.

I wish I could say this story had a happy ending, but it is filled with heartache, homelessness, poverty, helplessness and despair.  Many families struggle even now in the face of rampant consumerism, and entertainers with exorbitant salaries.  Many of the high lords shifted their wealth into other countries to evade taxes and avoid the people.  This only increased the poverty and lack of jobs.

Only the unity of a nation’s people, rich and poor can make us great again.  Small business owners need capital to hire workers.  Workers need re-training for new industries and families need intermediate support to survive.  Children raised in poverty have their futures stunted and do not contribute to the fullest of their potential.

Join me in changing the end of this tale, commit to making America the great land it once was.  It will take hard work, entrepreneurship and cooperation across ages, cultures, races and economic status but it can happen.  If you agree, comment or like this post and I will send it to our high lord politicians of both sides, because if we don’t drop sides and work together, the end of this story will be bleak.