See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

We’re in a lot of trouble America.

The Republican Goonie Squad has called a truce among themselves to try to salvage the party’s chances for a victory.  Case in point, the recent CNBC debate where Rick Perry had brain lapse on his own election agenda, Herman Cain refused to acknowledge that his personal character troubles existed, and Mitt Romney apparently cannot even see that he has opponents other than Obama.

I, for one, am grossly uncomfortable with the idea that the leader of this country has unanswered questions on whether he attempted to coerce sexual favors from subordinates or a leader that has no idea what his own vision for the country is, or have such large blind spots that he cannot acknowledge his own competition.  Flaws of this magnitude lead to personal hubris and a patronizing view of “I know what’s best, don’t worry your pretty little heads”.

Further, no Republican candidate so far has espoused any view other than “give tax breaks to the rich and greedy and everything will be all right”.  That very economic policy is what brought this country to its economic knees.  America now has almost no middle class.  Most have moved into the realm of poverty or homelessness or both.  The only factor keeping many off the streets is family or friends taking them in.

We need a plan that factors in immediate relief for people who are in need now, not wait on the rich to get their tax breaks and decide to hire some workers at depressed hourly rates that keep them on the brink of exhaustion and poverty.  Fair jobs, fair wages and an interim safety net for the homeless are what is needed.

This country has a surplus of vacant housing.  Many are being stripped and vandalized.  There must be some method of working with the banks, social service agencies and government to get families into these homes and off the streets.  Such a boost would give back dignity to those who never thought they would need to be on the receiving end of handouts.

Write your elected officials and tell them today that you want action, not rhetoric.

Occupy America.