Medical Care Goes to the Dogs

Occupy AmericaIf you live in Wayne County and need medical coverage, you better have a child.  If not, you will be dumped into their “Patient Care Management System” or “Adult Benefit Waiver Program” which equates to “sucks to be you, we don’t even answer the phones here”.

After calling several other numbers and eventually getting their number, I was left dangling to listen to 40 rings of the phone which then hung up.  Even the recording which answers the phone has a voice which sounds like “we could care less about you, scumbags”.

After finding a number where they would answer the phone, I was told that I had been dumped into the worst provider group in Wayne County.  Most doctors do not accept this “coverage” and of those who do, many are sub-standard providers.  So, if you don’t have medical coverage, yet are working hard to scrape part-time work up, you deserve sewer-level health coverage.

Michigan’s economy is in shreds due to no fault of the millions of workers who showed up to jobs at companies that refused to change with the times.  Now, the state is begging tech companies to move or start here and there is no base of trained workers.  Instead of training workers on the job, everyone wants the workers to become destitute going back to school.

Let’s face it. Many of these jobs don’t require a degree.  Some on the job training and safety classes would get entry level workers who could move up as they learn more.

Many jobs listed didn’t even exist 10 or more years ago when these workers were getting degrees.  Yet, corporate America does not want to invest in the workers, just pump profits out of them.

The government is supposed to work for the people, not the corporations.  Yet, all legislation is geared to help companies make profits at the expense of the workers. When the workers need help, they are spit on by the state. Michigan legislators, we the PEOPLE are watching you.  The time of reckoning is coming soon.  You cannot keep protecting big business and stepping on the humans who vote for you.

Yes, we want businesses to flourish.  This keeps the economy going.  But we do not want all the benefits of their success to go in the pockets of a few individuals.  If the business profits, the workers should too.  Working people should not need state-scum level insurance to keep their health up.  And encouraging people to have children just to keep decent health coverage is wildly irresponsible.

Just sayin’.

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